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Since 2009 Bent Banani has hand-crafted awesome 100% cotton floral shirts for men. What started as a boutique brand selling just a handful of shirts per week has blossomed to sell several hundred per month, created of wild and psychedelic designs (and some very simple) hand-chosen from the markets of Banani. From 'Single Design' or 13 panelled 'Unique Shirts' I am sure there is a shirt that you, your friends, or even your best enemy would love.

Current circumstance requires you to visit our Amazon.co.uk Store to buy your awesome Bent Banani Shirts. If you live in the United Kingdom or one of the 27 European Union nations, you can buy from Amazon with free delivery included with Amazon Prime. If you live elsewhere, please contact us to make your purchase but please first peruse our Amazon Store to know what we have! Thank you for your understanding and patience during this temporary shift in dispatch.

The four sample shirts below link to Amazon.co.uk, from where you can search 'Bent Banani' for our full catalogue.