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BentBanani.com is owned by Banani Limited, headquartered in West London.

Since 2009 we have lovingly hand-crafted 100% cotton floral shirts. Our shirts are extremely casual, light-weight and what we believe, along with most of our clients, are perfect for parties, festivals, BBQ’s, holidays, gifts, or simply adding heaps of colour to life.

During a visit to Bangladesh in 2008 I had 30 floral shirts tailored in the markets of Banani and it was wearing these around the world that people stopped me daily to ask where they too could get one. Hence, I created ‘Bent Banani’;

‘Bent’ because the wild and vibrant designs are not so straight-forward and Banani’ to keep the inspiration of where I had my ‘outrageously awesome shirts’ first made”

From tailoring a small variety of shirts each month for friends and family, to sending more than 50 shirts per day to people around the world a few years back, those that voted for Brexit in 2016 killed that trend and spoiled that pleasure for many (thank you for that!). Ever since, we have fought to keep ourselves above the English Channel (water). Knowing we have outstanding shirts, we refuse to give up and find ourselves back where we started, tailoring all shirts to order!

Our awesome shirts are hand-crafted in Bangladesh from conventional ink-printed cotton, with a count of just 120 threads per square inch making them extremely light-weight, breathable, and comfortable. Our fabrics are bought by our lovely production manager, Shima, in the local Banani Market or Islampur Market in the maelstrom of Old Dhaka. Every week hundreds of new designs come to market so we can only make you new shirts every time you buy.

So you know, we are not a factory. Giant clothing brands use factories to create millions of units every day for pennie and sell for pounds. By comparison, we create a handful of shirts each month that cost us plenty of pounds. Many people take exception at being asked to pay £15 or £20 for shirts that they believe only cost us £0.15-20p. No-one has to buy from us but if you don’t want to pay £15 for hand-made shirts, by all means you are welcome to fly to Bangladesh, shop for your fabric and tailor, and then sit around waiting for your Unique Shirt to be created and see how much change you get from £1500.

Our awesome family of tailors consist of Bidhan and his wife Archana, Bidhan’s mother, and his nieces, Sima, Simu, and Martha. This is along with Shima and her husband Uttam. Shima has been our production manager since we started, and has always delivered everything we have asked whether that be 1000 shirts for us to ship  to Amazon, or one bespoke shirt or jacket on request, and continues to do so.

Both Shima and Bidhan are paid per shirt. Bidhan receives double the price he quoted, and Shima (from Oct 1, 2020) received a 50% pay increase.  We pay well above their asking because they create beautiful shirts, are reliable, and the extra pounds we pay go a long way in Bangladesh to sustaining their business and family life. Because we don’t make millions of shirts per month, we help them more with each shirt you buy. Bidhan and Shima both work on an uncapped salary, so maybe one day they may earn their millions too!

Bent Banani - Our Beautiful Family Of Tailors IN Bangladesh

We trust that we will create amazing shirts that will satisfy your every wish, even if you are shopping for an ugly shirt party. Not every shirt is to everyone’s taste but with more than 1000 different fabrics used since 2010 we have faith that your tastes will change for the good as often as our outstanding 100% cotton floral shirts.

Thank you for your business and support. We look forward to colouring your world and you being part of our bright future.

Floral Regards,


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