Tailored To Order Floral Shirts

When Bent Banani started in 2009, all we did was tailored to order shirts. We offered a small selection of fabrics that would make only 10 shirts, and let you decide from which you would like your shirt. We would then cut, stitch, and post your shirt within the week, and Bent Banani was rolling but not without its speed-humps. As we grew so did the demand for immediacy with more customers wanting their shirts tomorrow, not next week. As such, we shelved 'tailoring' and introduced 'ready-made' shirts, which you still choose from today.

As we always look for ways to create new product options, 'Tailored to Order' shirts are back, but with an unique twist. When you choose the fabric, not only will our tailor create your shirt, but also a dress tie and 'tote bag' in which we pack your shirt & tie, cut of the same fabric. We hold enough fabric to create two shirts but only you will have the opportunity to buy this design. Once bought, it will be removed. To recognise the exclusivity, your full name and creation date is embroidered by hand on the label.

When you order, our master tailor will hand cut, hand stitch, delicately wrap, and dispatch to you by courier. This personal creation will take 3 working days.

Our first 'tailored to order' shirt was delivered to Michael McGarry on May 30 whom had this to say:

"I was lucky to be the first to get the new 'Tailored to Order' bundle. The shirt is (as always) fabulous, but as if getting an exclusive shirt isn’t enough, you also get a tie and beach style bag made in the same pattern. The tie is excellent, the bag is strong and a nice size. It’s a fantastic package and it would be rude not to buy another!"

You’re making a big investment and if you are unfamiliar with Bent Banani shirts, please 'read our size guide'. Look at the images, measure your favourite shirt as we do ours, and select the size that best matches yours, as once your shirt is shipped, it is yours. This is an exclusive product created for you, for which we have no obligation to refund.