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The Mission of the International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF) - 'Wildlife Conservation Through Direct Action'

IAPF develops, implements, and manages:

- Anti-poaching ranger training

- Conservation Security Plans

- Anti-poaching Operations

- Wildlife crime information systems

- Specialist technology and systems for anti-poaching operations

- Field equipment procurement and supply

IAPF objectives include:

- Creating awareness within the general public in relation to wildlife poaching.

- Providing a platform through which the public can genuinely make a direct impact on the front line in the ongoing battle against poachers.

- Providing a point of contact for those requiring training and other assistance.

The 2008 lifting of sanctions to allow the sale of 109 tons of ivory reinvigorated the black market, which opened the floodgates for a wildlife slaughter that until witnessed, is inconceivable.

After 5 years of support since 2010, we no longer create merchandise on behalf of the IAPF but still distribute stickers and fridge magnets. We are very passionate about their work and encourage you to visit IAPF.org website and make a donation.

IAPF Sticker 'White on Black'  IAPF Sticker 'Black on White'IAPF Fridge Magnet (credit card size)

Sticker & magnet pack cost  £15 including postage & merchant fees.