We Are Back From The Dark Side With Colour!
We Are Back From The Dark Side With Colour!
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Returns Policy

This policy is with effect as of October 07, 2020


We don't expect you to return your shirt/s but circumstance may require you to do so. Perhaps the shirt doesn't fit as you'd like (did you use our comprehensive size guide?) or you just don't like it in the flesh though you know all of our shirts are sold on a 'lottery basis'. You get what we send you, that's all part of the fun!

This said you have 21 days from purchase to 'return' your order. Allowing 7 days for delivery we must draw a line somewhere and seriously, 14 days from delivery is more than enough time to know you want to return the shirt/s.

We are not Amazon.

It is your responsibility to check the sizes and quality as soon as you receive your order and not wait multiple weeks to crack open the package and then moan it doesn't fit. That is not our fault! We appreciate you may be absent when your order is delivered, but for the better part most people are 'home' notwithstanding someone must to sign for your order.

If you are all cool with this, we look forward to posting you some awesome shirts sooner than later. If you need further detail the following points should help:

1 - You need to pay any return postage so you need to weigh up the postage expense over keeping the shirts or gifting them. Depending on where you live, you can return your shirt/s to the UK, USA, Germany, or Australia

2 - If you are not returning all shirts included in your order you will only receive a refund of £15 per shirt returned

3 - If you are returning all shirts included in your order you will receive a full refund, provided you have contacted us within 21 days of purchase. No refund will be made until we have received and know all shirts are suitable for resale!

4 - All shirts are inspected before posting so it's unlikely any shirt to have damage. If you suspect an error, whatsapp image/s of the flaw and we will discuss any replacement. A drunk friend (not to limited to) ripping off your pocket or burning a hole with a cigarette does not count as a flaw, and the reason you are responsible for all return postage

5 - Each order comes with at least 4 spare buttons per shirt and a needle and thread to save the anxiety of a button falling off. We don't plan on buttons falling off but we do make allowances for this world-ending inconvenience

6 - As all shirts are uniquely made for you we cannot replace like for like, only size for size. As such, if there is one shirt of the four+ shirts you don't like, there is a chance we will only send you another shirt you don't like. Save the expense!

7 - If you want to swap a shirt, then you are responsible for the cost to return the one you don't want and the cost (£25) for the one you want to receive. We will not post your replacement until we receive your payment. Take it on the chin!

8 - Any applicable refund will be made the day after we receive your return. This is done automatically through our system so we are not responsible if the exchange rate on the day negatively effects the value of your refund.

9 - We trust you to buy our shirts and wear them forever in all good conscience, the same way you trust us to post your shirts after you make payment. If it is your intention however to 'rent & return' your shirts after a party, holiday, or otherwise, save us all the trouble and buy some tosh from Amazon for they will take back your shirts and refund your money no matter how many buttons are missing or what flavour vomit you leave in the pocket. Fair Enough? #Seriously


We have endeavoured to make this as fair and straight-forward for all but if you need clarification on any point we have or perhaps not covered, then please ask us. We don't bite! 

Request return or exchange by emailing: returns (at) bentbanani (dot) com

**All Shirts Must Be Returned In Their Original Packing, With All Tags In Place, In A Resaleable Condition, Which Will Be Determined By Us**