This policy relates to shirts ONLY bought from

This policy is with effect as of November 22, 2020

We certainly don’t expect you to return your shirt/s but disappointingly circumstance may require you to do so. Perhaps the shirt doesn’t fit as you would like, though we do have a very detailed size guide with images and ask you to contact us if you need further information. Perhaps you just don’t like it in the flesh though you understand that you have bought (or will be buying) your shirts on a lottery ‘Lucky Dip’ basis; meaning you accept that your purchase was our choice of fabric and fabric combination.

Because we are tailoring your shirts to order, they are created for you and therefore we have no obligation to exchange or accept any returns. We are not monsters though and have therefore created a returns policy that we believe ensures that we all play fair.

You Are Responsible For All Return Costs!

You have 14 days from delivery to return your order without any question whatsoever. We have to draw a line somewhere and 2 weeks is more than enough time for you to know it doesn’t fit properly, or to discover a production flaw. Notwithstanding, you (or someone) needs to be home to receive and sign for the delivery so if you choose not to open the package on receipt, don’t wait 15 days to do it.

A good idea is to grab your phone and photograph your shirt/s on receipt as we will we need to look at photos/clips of any flaw. The shirts are inspected twice before posting so it is unlikely there to be any damage but let us know if you think this is the case. Flaws do not include buttons falling off either.

We admit that occasionally buttons do fall off but a loose or missing button hardly warrants the expense of returning. This is why each shirt comes with at least 4 spare buttons and with each order, we include a needle and thread so you can repair this world-ending inconvenience. This is one reason why we ask you to pay the return postage.

We are not a rental service and the world is filled with bad eggs. The attempts of many eggs to return shirts after a drunk mate ripped all the buttons off or burnt a cigarette hole in the arm and then blaming us for a damaged shirt is why we ask you to pay for all returns.

The same said for those that use their shirts for the Friday night quiz show at the pub, and then decide they don’t need them. We are not Amazon. If it is your intention to rent a shirt, please buy some tosh from Amazon for they will take your shirts back no what favoured vomit you’ve left in the pocket. 

As such, we do not issue refunds until the shirts have been returned and inspected to know they are in a resaleable condition. They must be in the original packaging, with any applicable tags and labels still attached. You may return your shirts to Australia, Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

If you are all cool with this, then we look forward to receiving your order sooner than later. If you are still unsure, the following points will definitely help.

1 – All shirts are created to order from randomly selected fabric, and bought by you on a ‘lottery basis’ i.e. you get what we send you. It will be improbable if not impossible to create the same shirt if you need to exchange. In short, you will not receive the same shirt you received.

2 – Can I return unwanted shirt/s for a refund?

Yes. This must be done within 14 days of receipt but because you are paying for the cost of the return, if you simply ‘no longer want it’ you will be financially better off gifting this to some other lucky soul.

3 – Can I get a replacement for faulty or damaged shirts?

Yes! As all shirts are inspected twice before dispatch, it is unlikely your shirt/s will be damaged but they are made by humans. If you believe there to be an ‘unexpected flaw’ we are happy to exchange but must remind that you are responsible for the return postage, and we must see photographic / filmed evidence first.

4 – Can I exchange shirt/s for a different size?

Yes! We trust you used our comprehensive size guide that details the measurements of our shirts, along with images to help. If you copied our simple instruction then your shirt should be a perfect fit. If you still wish to exchange you must return the original in a resaleable condition and then pay the additional postage of £32. Your replacement will not be posted until we have received your original and your payment. You must let us know within 14 days of receiving your shirt/s remembering point 1 above

5 – Can I Cancel My Order?

Yes. Once you place your order you can cancel within 24 hours after which we will have started production. Remembering, your order is being tailored for you.

6 – When Will I Receive My Refund?

If you are returning a shirt for a refund, we will endeavour to process your refund on the day we receive your return and it has been inspected. Depending on the delivery destination, please allow 21 days from you posting the return for us to receive and refund your payment, which may still take up to 7 days to appear on your account. Refunds can only be made to the original payment method!

8 – How Do I Return My Shirt.

You may return your shirt using your preferred carrier but at the very least using a recorded/tracking service offered by the post office. If you don’t, there is no evidence that you have returned the shirt and we cannot accept a postage receipt as proof.

If you have any queries relating to this policy, please contact